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Pieps Micro BT
    Pieps Micro BT
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    The Pieps Micro is exceptionally light 3 antenna beacon, perfect for those counting every gram. Physically the Micro is shorter and thinner than most other models but not to the point of over compromising performance, it's also lighter.

    The Micro has some innovative features including a vibration alert when it first detects a signal, auto switch between send and receive upon deployment by the user, Auto Revert and Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth allows for setting changes and updating the firmware via the app and enhanced training features. The Micro only requires a single AA battery which is part of how they keep it so light.

    Standard Search

    Despite the small size of the device the display remains large and there is a mark button above the screen. The search functions in the same way as the other Pieps transceivers with a 5 way directional arrow. In the case of a multi burial situation it detects multiple signals (1, 2, 3 and 4+) which can be marked using the button allowing you to continue the search.

    Additional Features

    • Auto search mode coming out of pocket or holster.
    • Auto Antenna Switch - If the Micro detects any devices e.g. mobile phone which are interfering with your transceiver it will switch transmitting antenna to reduce this where possible.
    • iPROBE Support - The Micro can be temporarily deactivated using the smart iPROBE. The receiving avalanche rescue beacon will then automatically receives the next-strongest signal allowing for a quicker continuation of the search in the event of a multiple burial.
    • User updatable firmware via app
    • Enhanced training via app
    • Group Check
    • Self Check

    About You

    This transceiver is aimed at those who are looking for the smallest and lightest device. There aren't a lot of adjustable settings so most people will be able to use the Micro effectively assuming they have knowledge of search and rescue techniques including using the device in a multi burial situation.

    Pieps Micro Specifications:

    Firmware Version -
    2.6 (the latest)
    Harness -
    Batteries -
    1 AA battery (included)
    Weight -
    150g including batteries
    Battery Life -
    200 hours
    Dimensions -
    10.6 x 7.4 x 2cm

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