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Petzl Actik (Summer 19)
    Petzl Actik (Summer 19)
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    The Petzl Actik is a great all round headtorch designed for active use. It gives a 300 lumen light with a mixed beam pattern, red light mode and has an elasticated and adjustable headstrap complete with emergency whistle.

    The multibeam lamp is designed to give a range of lighting so whether you need proximity, movement or distance lighting the Actik has got you covered. For power the Actik comes with 3 standard AAAs however, it is also compatible with Petzl's Core rechargeable battery (sold separately), with no additional adapter required, giving you flexibility for use in a variety of situations.

    It has 3 white light modes giving up to 260hrs burn time and a maximum 300 lumens, there are also 2 red lighting modes, which are proximity and strobe lighting. Cycling between the modes is easily done with single button operation.

    Petzl Actik Features

    • Mixed beam
    • Red lighting
    • Elasticated and adjustable headstrap
    • Emergency whistle
    • Simple to use

    Battery Performance on Petzl Hybrid Torches

    Using good quality AAA batteries gives the burn times as shown below. This torch is compatible with Petzl's Core battery (sold separately) which gives a very different performance.

    If you think that you're likely to want the performance of the Core battery with this torch then you're better off looking at the Actik Core which come with the Core battery and is better optimised to use it.

    SettingLumensDistanceBurn Time
    Min Power510m260hrs
    Max Power30090m60hrs
    Red Proximity25m60hrs
    3x AAA
    Black, Green or Blue

    Video Content

    How to choose your energy source for your headlamp? HYBRID Concept from Petzl-sport on Vimeo.

    Customer Reviews of Petzl Actik (Summer 19)

    Petzl Actik Review
    Verified Buyer

    I bought this headlamp mostly as a backup light for safety, to bring when the hike might last longer than planned and it becomes dark before getting home, or when my main lamp (more light output) runs empty or breaks when I'm out in the dark running, hiking or mountainbiking. For these uses I find it perfect -small, lightweight, quite strong light and great value.I also use it for various reasons when I need some light working, fixing things, walking.

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    Petzl Actik Review
    Verified Buyer

    If you are old enough you might remember the old Petzl Zoom head torches - heavy batteries, short life and glow warm performance. It is hard to believe how much technology has improved when you compare them to the new Actik. It is incredible. For a small lightweight unit the light output is superb and gives incredible illumination at night with awesome battery life. The simple button allows you to adjust the range and intensity of the beam and it's all pretty intuitive. The bright colour is easy to find in your pack, a definite bonus of a non tactical colour, and the lamp pivots for close up work or illuminating around your feet when running. All in all very very good.

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