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Petzl Actik Core (Summer 19)
    Petzl Actik Core (Summer 19)
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    The Petzl Actik Core is a great all round headtorch designed for active use. It gives a 350 lumen light with a mixed beam pattern, red light mode and has an elasticated and adjustable headstrap complete with emergency whistle.

    The multibeam lamp is designed to give a range of lighting so whether you need proximity, movement or distance lighting the Actik Core has got you covered. For power the Actik Core comes with Petzl's Core rechargeable battery. It is also compatible with standard AAA batteries with no additional adapter required so you can switch to standard batteries if there's nowhere to recharge the Core - see the section about Hybrid torches below for more information.

    It has 3 white light modes giving up to 160hrs burn time and this Core version has a maximum 350 lumens, slightly more than the standard Actik even when used with a Core battery, there are also 2 red lighting modes, which are proximity and strobe lighting. Cycling between the modes is easily done with single button operation.

    Petzl Actik Core Features

    • Mixed beam
    • Red lighting
    • Elasticated and adjustable headstrap
    • Emergency whistle
    • Simple to use
    • Come with rechargeable Core battery

    Battery Performance on Petzl Hybrid Torches

    When using the Core battery Petzl's hybrid torches act like a regulated lamp giving you a constant light level for the specified burn time. When using AAA batteries the light will gradually dim, so despite the long burn times the light level is not constant and you're likely to want to change the batteries well before the given burn time is reached. The Core battery is more economical for frequent and intensive use but requires charging. The AAA batteries are better for occasional and less critical use.

    If you think that you're unlikely to use the Core battery with this torch then you may want to consider the Actik which is doesn't include the Core battery.

    With Core battery
    SettingLumensDistanceBurn Time
    Min Power57m160hrs
    Max Power35095m2hrs
    Red Proximity26m40hrs

    3h reserve at 5 lumens

    With AAA batteries
    SettingLumensDistanceBurn Time
    Min Power57m220hrs
    Max Power33095m7h30
    Red Proximity26m48h30

    Li-Ion rechargeable (Petzl Core)
    Red or Black

    Video Content

    How to choose your energy source for your headlamp? HYBRID Concept from Petzl-sport on Vimeo.

    Customer Reviews of Petzl Actik Core (Summer 19)

    Petzl Actik Core Review
    Verified Buyer

    I found it hard doing some work in my flat one evening as the ceiling light wasn't good enough, I ordered a cheap head torch of amazon which don't get me wrong is bright but needs charging too often and only has 2 light settings, either the full 150 lumens or next setting to dim.

    So after some research and asking questions in shops I was advised of the Petzl Actik Core as I wanted that blue/white light as easier to use for a long time without aching your eyes when doing diy or in my garden in the eve with my wood burner and with more than 2 light settings and can last longer between charges. It's great, as with 3 light settings and 350 lumens it illuminates my whole garden so very happy with the product.

    Thank you facewest for getting it to me quickly.

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    Petzl Actik Core Review
    Verified Buyer

    Cycling Lands End to JoG later in the year and using bar bags for the first time. So needed 'in case of need' front light. After a good bit of research, concluded that a headlamp strapped to the bar bag was far more convenient than spending on cycle specific brackets and additional cycle lights.

    More research and Petzl came out tops for our requirements and the 'Actik Core' specifically so - really easy and intuitive to use, reliability of rechargeable CORE battery, flexibility of being able to use AAA batteries too as standby, certainty of constant level of light output using the rechargeable battery, 350 lumens available for cycling where there is no other lighting whatsoever, light and compact so easy to carry, convenience of simply being able to strap it to the bar bag and forget about it.

    Trialled the Petzl - worked exactly as hoped; able to cycle over unlit fields without reducing speed.Bonus benefit of being able to use it for a 'zillion' other non-cycling things as well.So bought another one too.Happy bunny.Impressed with service, pricing and approach of facewest too - well doneand thanks.

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    Petzl Actik Core Review
    Verified Buyer

    Light, bright & enough charge from one 4hr plug-in to do two decent walks/runs. Facewest got it out super quick. Great service.

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    Petzl Actik Core Review
    Verified Buyer
    Penzance, UK.

    Great piece of kit, simple to use, 3 brightness settings on white light, one constant and one blinking mode on red light, USB rechargeable, one button (yay!), suitable for a myriad of uses, (camping/cycling/blackouts/taking bins out, etc.), well made, quality materials, funky colours (mine's red/white), what's not to like?Have yet to determine the capacity of the battery to maintain power after multiple charges, the one possible weak link here, but for the moment, 5/5.

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