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Petzl Lim'Ice Screw Sharpener
    Petzl Lim'Ice Screw Sharpener
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    The Petzl Lim'Ice Screw Sharpener will sharpen the Petzl Laser, Laser Speed / Speed Light ice screws. Normally screws have to be sharpened on a specialist machine but now you can do your own. And with this portable device you can take it with you on expeditions and prolonged trips where access to a machine is just not possible.

    The Lim'Ice is pretty straight forward to use with two fittings, one for either side of the point. These fittings will guide the screw along the file putting the edge back onto blunt points. The Lim'Ice can be used on other ice-screws though it may create an edge that will have to be removed with a file.

    Petzl Lim'Ice Screw Sharpener Features

    • Steel file
    • Polypropylene with hemp
    • Easy handling of the device
    • Two sharpening guides allow precise sharpening
    • Standard sharpening guides
    • High-quality file is reversible for extended life

    Customer Reviews of Petzl Lim'Ice Screw Sharpener

    Petzl Lim'Ice Screw Sharpener Review
    stuart coupe
    Verified Buyer

    This is the only device of its type I know about. Excellent for sorting those screws that touched rock on a trip to somewhere like rjukan. If like me you are not an expert with a file and choose to get them sharpened in the lakes, this is going to save money over time and has the advantage that you can get the screw sharp that night. It can be a bit awkward to get it started if the is a particularly bent over point but it gets the job done quite nicely, once you find a way to hold it that works for you. I did not manage to make a mess of doing mine, they came out as good as they have ever been. I used it on petzl and BD screws.

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