Packtowl Ultralite


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Packtowl Ultralite

Packtowl Ultralite

The Packtowl Ultralite is a super light weight version of the ever popular Packtowl. Ideal for minimalists, lightweight backpacking and adventure racers the Ultralite is still super absorbent and even faster drying than the other Packtowls. It's available in three sizes and each one comes with the loop hanging system and zippered storage organiser pouch.

Packtowl Ultralite Features

  • Soaks up 4 times its own weight in water
  • Microfibre fabric
  • Dries 80% faster than cotton
  • Incredibly packable
Dimensions25cm x 35cm42cm x 92cm64cm x 137cm

Customer Reviews of Packtowl Ultralite

from 5 Reviews

Packtowl UltraLite Review, Michael, 06/30/2015

This product is a great lightweight towel, currently used for trekking and camping it is a perfect item due to its lightweight, quick drying and very absorbent material. Would recommend this to anyone traveling as it is not only very reasonably priced it is also very easy to carry in a rucksack while travelling due to its compact size and very handy bag.

Overall its a very lightweight, quick drying compact towel ideal for hiking/camping or any other purpose you could need or want a lightweight towel.

Packtowl UltraLite Review, Maria Manuela, 05/01/2015

Very lightweight and dries very quickly, these are the best features I would expect in such a item. I'm going to use it in mountain walks for several days.

The capability of soakingin water up twice its weight is also very important. I bought the biggest size and it´s also very lightweight and I think it's impossible to find a better one.

I highly recommend this product.

Packtowl UltraLite Review, Paul , 03/14/2015

Has a nice soft feel to it and fairly absorbent. Dries quickly too.

I'm not personally a fan of the press stud in the corner - I end up wiping my face on the press stud! In the end I cut it off.

But overall not a bad towel and very lightweight.

Packtowl UltraLite Review, Nick Hobson, 06/16/2013

I bought the packtowl for ultralight camping and nights in mountain huts. Basically I just wanted the smallest and lightest bit of material that could dry me or my gear off a bit. Though I knew the dimensions I was really surprised at how small it was when it arrived. Also the material feels very papery when it's new. So as suggested I washed it 5 times before using it, after each wash I tested its absorbency and it got better after each wash. After using it in the real world I can say that it does what I expect which is to take away as much moisture as possible without actually drying you fully which would take a much larger and heavier towel. All in all super happy with it.

Packtowl UltraLite Review, Mark, 10/10/2012

I literally cannot award this product less than 5 stars. I got the large size, and it is extremely lightweight and practical.

I use it on most of my trips for varying reasons. If I take my single skin tent I use to mop up any condensation on the walls before it runs down and onto my sleeping mat. It's also adequate for if you're having a shower at a campsite or even at home.There is a loop on one corner that you can use to hang it from a tree or anything to hand, and it will dry out very quickly.

The material didn't feel very nice the first few times I used it, but as advertised, it became much softer after a couple of washes. I prefer it to the Nano version as it is able to absorb much more, but I haven't tried the original so I can't compare it to that one.

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