Packtowl Nano


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Packtowl Nano
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Packtowl Nano

The Packtowl Nano is a minimalist little towel and takes up very little space in its micro net bag. Ideal to keep around as a hand towel, sweat towel or even a goggles and glasses wipe it has a luxurious smooth texture and manages to absorb four times its own weight in water.

The Nano weighs in at 25g, not a lot of weight to have to carry to ensure you can dry off quickly, plus it's easily wrung it out if there is a bit too much moisture for such a small towel.

Packtowl Nano Features

  • Soaks up 4 times its weight in water
  • Microfibre fabric
  • Dries 70% faster than cotton
  • Odour control treatment
48cm x 48cm
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Customer Reviews of Packtowl Nano

from 7 Reviews

Packtowl Nano Review, Paul , 03/14/2015

Nice feel to it - not very absorbent but not too bad.Very, very lightweight and packs in to the smallest of spaces!

Not a fan of the press stud on the small towel so cut it off.

I mostly use it for wiping the sweat off my face when I'm walking up mountains!

Packtowl Nano Review, dean , 03/07/2015

What can I say about this towel? It weighs nothing and actually dries you off very well.Great for multiday hikes.

Packtowl Nano Review, Peter , 10/09/2014

This is brilliant! If you're looking for something lightweight, well priced and of decent quality this has got to be it. I got it for long treks (when showers aren't an option anyway) and kayaking expeditions. Bought the medium as the small just sounded, well, small, and it's a decent size. The lightest travel towel I've used to date, it seems to dry almost instantly, and it packs so small! If you're not fussy about having an enormous bath towel when you do finally get a chance to shower (or when you want to wash/freeze in a mountain stream), then this is big enough for that too.

Packtowl Nano Review, Jonathan Inch, 11/03/2013
Bought this primarily as a small towel I could use to wipe up water in my tent inner (from entering in wet clothes or during rain, etc.I tried this at home as a hand drying towel and I'm very impressed with it's feel and absorbency - nothing like the old camping towels that often seemed impervious to water!It dried within 5 mins or so and comes in a part-mesh sack so it could be stored wet whilst walking and would still dry out en route.Very small and lightweight but a good size for face washing or hair drying etc. Highly recommended and as always spotless customer service from Facewest.

Packtowl Nano Review, Jaanika, 08/12/2013

I bought it for drying my cookware after using it in camping. It is really tiny pack and very light weight. For example it fits inside MSR mug and the space remains over (I brought medium size).

Great absorption and dries quickly, loses about 90% of the water in it when you wring it out. When camping and washing and drying your hands and face before eating, it will be dry by the time you finish dinner and after dishwashing you can dry all your cookware with it too.Towel is attached to stuff sack with hook and loop fastener so you can leave it hanging out of the rucksack for easier access and quick drying.

Perfect for any hiking/trekking/camping.

Packtowl Nano Review, Sarah, 10/30/2012

I thought I'd take a gamble on one of these with my last order as I wasn't immediately convinced. However after a speedy delivery from Facewest (thankyou) it turned out to be amazing! It took we a while to get over how small it actually is, now I can carry a towel with me and it to take up virtually no space at all. My Lifeventure towel has now been relegated to the back of the cupboard as nothing can compare to this! It's also very absorbent and worked perfectly for face and hand washing during my recent camping trip. Oh and it's also very quick to dry too!

Packtowl Nano Review, Paul C, 09/06/2012

I have to admit, although I was expecting it to be small, it's tiny!Think size of a golf ball.It feels like nothing in weight, very easily re packable and opens out to a generous sizing.Definitely enough for a face wash, clearly no shower towel though!Mini stuff sack is detachable, and it's handy for drying the tent inner if it gets wet whilst pitching.Dries in no time.

Great little product.

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