Perry Whistle

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Perry Whistle

Perry Whistle

Classic bright orange plastic pealess whistle for emergency use.
This strong plastic whistle weighs only 15g and its one piece construction means there is nothing to go wrong.
Floating design for marine use. Hole for attaching lanyard.
You should always carry an emergency whistle for attracting attention whenever you venture into the fells or mountains.
Simple and cheap but potentially life saving.

Customer Reviews of Perry Whistle

from 8 Reviews

Perry Whistle Review, Roy, 06/28/2015

Great little whistle, cheap and effective, it does exactly what it says on the tin. I an content to have never needed to use one in anger but continue to carry one; after all it is small, weighs next to nothing and you would look an utter idiot if you ever needed it but had not bothered for whatever reason!

As usual great service from Facewest.

Perry Whistle Review, Rowan , 03/08/2015

I purchased the Perry Whistle to keep attached to my Rucksack when Ski Touring. I keep it attached to the shoulder strap so that I have easy access to it in an emergency situation. I would have liked the whistle to be slightly louder however for the price of the whistle I really can't complain. If you are looking for a cheap cost effective whistle then this is the one.

Perry Whistle Review, Thomas, 11/08/2013

Bought a few of these for my first aid kits and to bring on hikes. They are very light, only 15g and work pretty well. I was expecting a slightly louder sound, but I guess it's acceptable. The cost is low and you can't really go wrong with these in a first aid kit. For a longer hike, perhaps you should buy a louder whistle. They are quite handy not just for emergencies. You can use them to get the attention of your friends, if you are spread out a bit for some reason. For example, when the family is down by the lake and you have the dinner ready in the camp. Or when you want to find each other in a dense forest, when you are out picking mushrooms.

If you plan to be out in freezing temperatures, plastic is a good choice. There is a hole for attaching a lanyard, so you can easily fasten it on the outside of your backpack. You can't really go wrong with a couple of these.

Perry Whistle Review, Pablo, 10/23/2013

The whistle is ok, but I am not sure about its use for emergency situations. It doesn't seem to be loud enough, not what I was expecting.

Besides the sound level of the whistle the design is good, the bright color make it easy to find it in your backpack or bicycle panniers when in need. The size is small so doesn't take space in your luggage. And it is very light, so there is no noticeable increment in the weight of your things.

Unfortunately I can not rate it higher in this case because of the lack of enough sound.

Perry Whistle Review, Ciaran Burgess, 05/25/2012

A great whistle, I own several of these so there is always one on the rucksack I am using, or on my ski jacket and even on my buoyancy aid. it is loud enough for people to hear if you are in trouble, light weight (though the weight of a whistle shouldn't be a factor), bright so it can be seen, can be attached to items and reasonably robust due to being plastic. A must have for any outdoor sport and only a pound, you cant go wrong.

Perry Whistle Review, Jonathan A, 05/03/2012

Bit difficult to write a review about these, but they are of a reasonable quality and are functional. The lack of a pea is useful in wet conditions! The bright orange colour makes it easy to find and you could attach a lanyard if you want. Ultimately, a whistle is an essential bit of kit for backcountry safety and why wouldn't you carry one??

Perry Whistle Review, Alan MacQuarrie, 03/09/2012
It's light although if whistle weight is a concern then go without one.It's bright so you don't lose it.You can attach it to your kit (this whistle is often found on life jackets/buoyancy aids) with a lanyard if you want and it floats which is pretty handy if you're doing doing water activities.So are there any downsides?You can get louder whistles - expensive in outdoor shops, cheaper in sports shops.I suppose metal whistles are less likely to break but how often do you manage to break a whistle?And it's only £1 so you're not going to get cheaper.

Perry Whistle Review, chris mather, 07/07/2010

Cheap life saver!

Carry mine in my bug out kit. Lanyard loop to secure with para cord or karabiner, brightly coloured so easy to locate. Most important for a whistle a piercing tone that carries over distance.

Plastic too, so no risk of freeze injury to lips in sub-zero temperatures.

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