Ortlieb PS490 Heavyweight Dry Bag

Ortlieb PS490 Heavyweight Dry Bag

Ortlieb PS490 Heavyweight Dry Bag

The Ortlieb PS490 Heavyweight Dry Bag is the heaviest and certainly the toughest dry bag that we sell. The PS490 has been made for expedition use and is not for the fast and light. It will stand up to the toughest and roughest of conditions ensuring that at the end of each day there will be dry kit for you to turn to. The usual secure dry bag roll top closure keeps the wet out and is secured with a strong buckle.

The PS490 is the bomb proof PVC polyester coated fabric that makes up the main body of the bag. While the base is made from even tougher PD620 heavyweight Polyester fabric. The larger dry bags from 59L up have an additional carrying handle on the side.

Ortlieb PS490 Heavyweight Dry Bag Features

  • Strong robust PS490 coated fabric with excellent increased tear-resistance
  • Loop at the bottom for anchoring or holding
  • Sizes 59 to 79 L come with carrying handle
  • With two D-rings for safeguarding
  • Bottom made of PD 620
  • easy to clean inside
  • CAUTION: The roll closure must be rolled at least 3-4 before the bag is fully submerged under water

Size Height Circ Dia Weight
13L 42cm 60cm 19cm 290g
22L 52cm 70cm 22cm 370g
35L 60cm 83cm 26cm 450g
59L 70cm 96cm 31cm 640g
79L 75cm 107cm 34cm 750g
Red / Black

Customer Reviews of Ortlieb PS490 Heavyweight Dry Bag

from 13 Reviews

Ortlieb PS490 Heavyweight Dry Bag Review, GunZenBomZ, 11/29/2018

I do like this compared to the standard dry-bags I've had from Ortlieb. Even tried the X-tremer but found it overly large at 113Ltr. My new favourite ortlieb product is the Messenger XL. As with the PS490 its rated for heavy kit & certainly does what its says on the tin!

Ortlieb PS490 Heavyweight Dry Bag Review, Doug, 08/25/2018

For a Watersports traveller, this is an excellent piece of kit. Good service and prompt delivery from facewest.

Ortlieb PS490 Heavyweight Dry Bag Review, Alistair, 08/04/2018

Dry bag - as expected. The carry handle is a bit basic - hopefully will not be too painful with 10Kg in the bag and a 2Km walk.

Ortlieb PS490 Heavyweight Dry Bag Review, Moya, 04/20/2018

I've had a lot of dry bags that don't keep stuff dry, which doesn't always matter.But I wanted to take a down jacket on winter paddles and so needed a dry bag that keeps stuff dry.I haven't capsized with it, but there's the inevitable water in the bottom of the kayak, and the coat has stayed completely dry, so it looks like it works well.

Ortlieb PS490 Heavyweight Dry Bag Review, Frank, 01/17/2018

I bought the Ortlieb PS490 dry bag to complete a set up of 2x rear classic rollers, 2x front city rollers and a ultimate 6 handlebar bag. I go bike touring/camping and love everything Ortlieb. It's all well made, no fuss, well designed, tough as old boots and comes with a five year guarantee.

This bag is listed here as 'heavyweight' but it isn't in my opinion, it's just right for my tent and sleeping system and sits nicely inbetween the rear panniers on the rack in line.

Ortlieb PS490 Heavyweight Dry Bag Review, Tim, 05/30/2017

Solid, sturdy and well made bit of kit. Very versatile when compared to other cylinder dry bags as it opens along the long edge. Tested over 7 days in the Welsh mountains. Integrity not compromised by the long aperture. Would happily buy again.

Ortlieb PS490 Heavyweight Dry Bag Review, Apostolos, 06/21/2015

This dry bag does what its supposed to do. To withstand anything in a harsh environment. My area is full of rocks and I'm using these bags to my kayaking club, as part of our gear.With proper closure (roll 4-5 times) its not taking any water inside. Totally recommended for really heavy use (the only downside its its weight but i suppose it can't be otherwise).

Ortlieb PS490 Heavyweight Dry Bag Review, Pete , 08/11/2014

This was bought for use while SCUBA diving. Used to keep gear dry all day out on RIBs and hard boats. Divers are known for being rough on gear but this bag looks and feels tough enough to last a good few years. Its done a week's diving trip without a mark on it and it kept our gear bone dry. I got the 35L size as it was big enough to get plenty of gear in but not too big that you couldn't comfortably reach the bottom. I would have prefered a choice of brighter colours but thats all the negative I can say for now.

Ortlieb PS490 Heavyweight Dry Bag Review, Phil , 05/27/2014

Top product and great price!I use the heavyweight version of the Ortlieb products for transporting drills and other heavy items underground for caving. (35litre especially useful)

Have bought a number of these bags over the years and they are still going strong, despite constant hammering under very inhospitable conditions.No holes yet!

Ortlieb PS490 Heavyweight Dry Bag Review, Nick , 04/16/2014

Brilliant piece of kit.

I bought two of the 13 litre versions to use inside my motorbike soft panniers (adv spec magadans).

I spent a lot of time looking around until I finally settled on these.They had to fit 3 criteria.

1) be between 38/42 cm long/tall

2) be between 16/20 cm in diameter

3) be tough as nails seeing as they would be inside heavy duty cordura panniers, vibrating and chaffing against each other constantly.

I use one for my sleeping bag and down jacket and the other for the rest of my clothes. Using these dry bags I can guarantee that no matter what the weather and regardless of how many times I drop my motorbike, all my gear will be dry.

Really happy with these.

Ortlieb PS490 Heavyweight Dry Bag Review, Patrick Stevens, 03/04/2014

I have purchased a number of Ortlieb products over the years for various applications but mainly to keep my stuff bone dry whilst cycle touring. Whilst my pannier bags and handlebar have been faultless I have to admit that the most versatile bag I have used is the Ortlieb heavyweight dry bag. They have been put to use extensively and always do what they are supposed to do: Keep my stuff dry and protected from the elements. I have used the 13lt as a rack pack to bungee on top of my bicycle rack to keep as quick access raingear and tools etc. The 22lt bag as a great protection for carrying my tent also when strapped down with bungee cords (Bungees can cause abrasion on thinner fabrics and these bags are very tough) and the 109lt monster bag is fantastic as a throw EVERYTHING bag for open canoeing, a waterproof and easily wipeable insulating lazyboy/beanbag seat for the kids and a great protective cover when checking in large rucksacks into checked luggage (the material is very abuse proof). Sadly there was not enough snow this year to test them out as downhill sledges but I am pretty confident they will do the trick there as well!As mentioned in the product description above the larger packs come with an additional carrying handle but I cannot attest to what kind of weight this will hold without breaking. I have had over 21kg in the 109lt bag and it faired well. Not only are the bags well made and durable they are also relatively inexpensive and extremely versatile. I have tried other brands of dry bag that I have been also been happy with but Ortlieb have by far the most heavy-duty bags and long-lasting bags I have owned and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Ortlieb PS490 Heavyweight Dry Bag Review, Ilze Zebolde, 01/08/2013

I bought it because I am planning to travel with all my closet inside and this one was the only one that has the capacity and toughness! No jokes, this bag is huge! I bought the 59 litre Ortlieb dry bag and I can put almost all my staff there, now I am thinking if I really needed the panniers that I already bought...

The keep it dry quality is a must for me as a bike tourer, cause in winter the rain is too often here in England, you never know when it will start to rain... and with this bag I am comfortable even crossing rivers, cause I know that if this one fell in the river my things will be saved!

Ortlieb PS490 Heavyweight Dry Bag Review, oliver millington, 08/24/2012

On a 3 month Sea Kayaking expedition I road tested (well, sea tested) 6 different brands of drybag. Ortlieb made the only 2 bags that kept everything dry for the duration of the trip, and are still being used for climbing and kayaking 4 years on. This is the bag for you if you need your things guaranteed dry, it is possibly a little bit heavy and overkill for most hiking applications where an Ortlieb midweight dry bag would be better suited.

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