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MSR Guardian Gravity Purifier
    MSR Guardian Gravity Purifier
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    The MSR Guardian Gravity Purifier is gravity fed version of the robuts and higly effective Guardian pump water purifier. It is able to not only remove unwanted particles from a water source but also bacteria, protozoa and viruses. Originally designed for the US military it is able to feed 1 liter every 2 minutes through an advanced hollow fibre filter and doesn't require any chemicals, bulbs or batteries.

    It's easy to use; just fill the bag with dirty water and elevate it. The water will start flowing through the filter to the output which features a universal bottle adapter. Another great innovation on the Guardian filter is the self cleaning feature, just open the purge valve to flush the system, you never have to backflush or remove the filter for cleaning. It's able to pump 3,000 litres of water before the cartridge needs replacing and the entire purifier has been tested to withstand heavy use, harsh environments and even dropping it onto a concrete floor from 6ft. For backpacking, travelling or trekking the Guardian Purifier is a brilliant solution.

    MSR Guardian Gravi Purifier Features

    • Removes viruses, bacteria, protozoa and micro plastics
    • 0.02 micron filter size
    • Self cleaning
    • 3000 litre cartridge life
    • Cartridge replacement indicator
    • 0.5L per minute flow rate
    • Tough, durable construction

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