Lyon Finger Tape


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Lyon Finger Tape

Lyon Finger Tape

The Lyon Finger Tape comes in 3 sizes of varying widths. They are ideal for taping fingers to prevent injuries and taping hands for the most brutal jamming cracks.

The Lyon Finger Tape is made from 100% cotton high strength, non-stretch zinc oxide tape. The smaller sizes are great for taping fingers and joints, while the largest size is ideal for making 'tape gloves' for those hard crack climbs.

Sizes -
1.25cm x 13.7m
2.5cm x 13.7m
3.75cm x 13.7m

Customer Reviews of Lyon Finger Tape

from 14 Reviews

Lyon Finger Tape Review, James, 01/05/2016

Great value tape to throw into the First Aid kit. Has a strong adhesive backing and tears easily. Many zinc oxide tapes loose their adhesive overtime however this looks to be of very good quality and I am confident it will last a sufficient period.

Lyon Finger Tape Review, Vic, 08/03/2015

Tried and tested over the years by myself, does the job well and is good value. No need to risk buying something different.

Lyon Finger Tape Review, Peter , 04/06/2015

Good tape, easy to tear without scissors. Perfect width for fingers.

Lyon Finger Tape Review, Bobby , 12/27/2014

I'm not a climber but bought this tape for skin repairs as the other reviews said it sticks well with minimal residue. Yes could have got some micro pours tape for a similar price but I thought this could also go ok to prevent blisters. It does everything I thought it would and sure its great as finger tape too.

It breaks off the roll ok and is resistant to water. I'll get another roll when this ones out

Lyon Finger Tape Review, DAVE , 08/03/2014

Lyon Finger Tape, Sticks well and stays on. Will tear off the roll with no need for a knife. Strong and good resistance to sweat and water. The tape also leaves very little sticky residue on the hands. Great for that emergency repair when no Gaffer Tape is available.

Lyon Finger Tape Review, Ross , 07/14/2014

I don't suppose you can go far wrong with finger tape but this certainly does the job well. It's nice and sticky but still easy to remove. Also the texture is good and gives a decent amount of friction.

Lyon Finger Tape Review, David Burgess, 03/26/2013

I bought the middle size. I've found it extremely useful when I may have been overdoing it a bit and it is almost essential if you are a regular boulderer. If you apply the tape neatly and tightly it won't come of while climbing and you forget its there but as soon as its removed you realise how much protection it was giving.

I think the smallest size would be too small for me so I would recommend getting the size up. I know someone who bought the largest size then cut it so that he had some thin and some thick tape. I think this works pretty well.

Lyon Finger Tape Review, Zane Llewellyn, 06/05/2012

I purchased the 12.5mm tape as I'd found the wider tapes too wide to sit comfortably between my knuckles. The 12.5mm is perfect and just as hard wearing as the wider tapes.

Lyon Finger Tape Review, Mark Purnell, 05/11/2012

It does what it says on the tin! Great finger tape for protecting fingers, repairing cuts etc. It is not so sticky to make it leave behind residue when you remove the tape but strong enough to remain in place when gripping rock or boulders. Can thoroughly recommend!

Lyon Finger Tape Review, Natasha north, 02/02/2012

Fab Stuff, easy to use and comfortable. really sticky so doesn't come off in a hurry. cheap enough to give it a try if your unsure (though you wont be once you try) I totally recommend it.

Lyon Finger Tape Review, MIGUEL DE MERLO PEREZ-GAMIR, 09/14/2011

It is the strongest tape I've used. Ideal for bandaging the hands for climbing cracks. The adhesive lasts longer than other tapes. The tape is well stuck to the skin. Super!

Lyon Finger Tape Review, Thom Milburn, 05/17/2011

Having used this tape now for what feels like a lifetime I can honestly say it is the best stuff I've tried.

When tricky bouldering problems are a problem, and the walls are roughing up those precious fingers this stuff is invaluable to give you the ability to get up and go. Super tough, super sticky, super cheap. Absolutely brilliant stuff.

Tip: buy a wide roll and cut it into two (one thin and one medium) making it much more versatile for different shaped hands!

Lyon Finger Tape Review, Nick, 09/22/2010

Good tape, sticks for ages without slipping, sometimes is hard to get off for the stick. No rash, which is good, also the various sizes it comes in is helpful, if you have small digits like me you don't have to mod the roll for your needs.

Lyon Finger Tape Review, James Amos, 04/13/2010
Good stuff, seems to stay on for as long as its needed and doesn't completely remove all the sensation from the hold.

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