Leatherman Warranty


Leatherman tools are produced to the highest standards and because of this they come with a full 25 year warranty.

The Leatherman warranty covers all breakages and damage suffered during typical usage and is administered by the UK distributors of the tool, Whitby & Company. They can be reached with the following details:

Telephone: 01539 721032

Whitby & Co
Aynam Mills
Canal Head North

Servicing your Leatherman Tool

Leatherman tools are very low maintenance however there are a few jobs you can perform to ensure that your tool performs to its potential. With a few basic care operations your tool should last for decades.

Cleaning your tool
Grit and dirt can be extremely bad for your tool and may lead to seized hinges, unwanted clumping and even damage to the components of your tool. The most appropriate method of cleaning will depend on exactly what your tool has been exposed to.

General debris, including sticky substances between tools: A mild detergent and warm water should shift most of the dirt and a fine brush can help remove any remaining debris. Washing up liquid is perfect for this.

Salt and marine contamination: If your tool has been exposed to marine environments then the salt can lead to it rusting extremely quickly. You should rinse the tool thoroughly in clean, fresh water then dry it thoroughly. After this you should apply a water displacing, penetrating lubricant like WD40 to ensure that all the tool is free from moisture.

After cleaning you should lubricate the joints of the tool sparingly with a light machine oil. 3-in-One oil is perfect for this.

Rust Removal
Leatherman tools are constructed from stainless steel and as such are highly corrosion resistant. It is not impossible, however, for rust to appear on the tool. In order to prevent this it should be periodically cleaned, dried and oiled as outlined above. You should also buff the body of the tool with a duster or mildly abrasive cloth from time to time to remove sweat and grease. If rust does appear then these processes should remove it, however prevention is better than cure on this front.

Blade Sharpening

Leatherman produce tools with a variety of knife shapes and the sharpening instructions vary accordingly.

Straight Blades
These can be sharpened in a variety of ways including whetstones, sharpening rods and steels and "drag-through" sharpeners. We have found that whetstones produce the best effect for the least effort.

Serrated Blades
Sharpening serrated blades is somewhat more tricky as to obtain the best effect you need a tool designed specifically for the job. Look for a sharpener which offers a v-grooved rod system as these will allow you to maintain the curvature of the serrations without compromising on sharpness.

Performing these simple tasks should ensure that your Leatherman Tool performs for many years to come.