Leatherman Engraving

Adding an engraving to your Leatherman makes a superb personalised present. It does not affect your shipping time as we do the engraving in house so there are no delays to your order if you use this free service.

Our engravings are laser engravings. The engraving you specify on your order will be permanently etched into the metal of your tool, it will not rub off through general use or cleaning. On stainless steel the engraving comes out black and on the coloured tools it will come out white.

Engravings are limited to 25 characters for all tools, though on smaller tools we recommend that you try to keep a little bit below this limit as the finished engraving will look better if there is a bit of space around it.

Different models are engraved in different positions.

Engravings on the following tools is done on the main body:
Wave, Surge, Juice XE6, Juice CS4, Juice S2, Juice C2, Juice B2, Squirt PS4, Squirt ES4, Micra

Engravings on the following tools is done on the knife:
Charge TTi, Charge AL, Charge ALX, Signal, Super Tool 300, Rebar, Wingman, Sidekick, Rev

Unfortunately there are a number of tools which we are unable to engrave as there is not sufficient space on them or they do not fit in our engraving machine. If a tool is not listed above and does not have engraving information on the product page then we are not able to engrave it.

Note: We are unable to offer any refunds or exchanges on engraved tools except in the case of a manufacturing defect.

For more information here is a video of us doing an engraving.