How to choose a Leatherman Tool

Our Leatherman range is extensive and we know that it can be difficult to pick the best tool for you so here are some tips.

Leathermans are split into 3 categories, Full sized Tools, Pocket Tools and Keyring Tools.

The Full sized tools are about 10cm long when closed and all offer a full sized pair of pliers along with a various range of other tools depending on which one you go for. They either come with a pouch or have one available so that the tool can be attached to a belt.

The Pocket Tools are a bit smaller and, as suggested by the name, are designed to be kept in a pocket, though there is a compatible pouch (LP11) for many of them. They measure around the 8cm length when closed and are available in a wide variety of designs with varying numbers of tools, though nearly all include a pair of pliers.

The Keyring Tools are around 6cm in length when closed. There aren't any pouches available for these as they are small enough to be kept on your keys or lanyard. They come in a variety of styles, from miniaturised versions of the larger tools to small specialist tools for specific activities.

How will the tool be used?

Once you've got an idea of the sort of sizes that are available then perhaps the most important question you can ask before you buy is "how will the tool be used?".

For campers, cyclists and hikers in search of a lightweight, versatile companion: try the Skeletool, Skeletool CX, Wave and any in the Juice Range.

For tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts consider the Supertool 300, Surge and Wave. These are tough tools with the features to handle any job. The Surge and Wave's tools are extendable using the LT27 Bit Driver Kit. At a lower price point is the Rebar.

For hunting, fishing and fieldsports the Charge tools and the Leatherman Wave are ideal.

As a general purpose multitool the whole of the Full Size range is unbeatable with the Leatherman Wave by far and away our most popular tool. If you're unsure which tool to go for then the Wave is probably the safest bet.

Specialist Multitools

Leatherman Produce a few highly specialised tools for the most demanding users. In general if you're reading this these tools probably aren't for you but just in case here's a brief summary.

Leatherman Military Tools
A specialist set of tools for military and tactical applications.
Leatherman Raptor
The Leatherman Raptor is a pair of medical shears specifically designed for use by the emergency services.
Leatherman Crunch
The Leatherman Crunch is unique. Designed around a set of Mole Grip Pliers it is designed to be used by plumbers, gas fitters and other tradesmen and offers something that no other multitool can.
Leatherman ES4
The Leatherman ES4 is designed for electricians. It features several different guage wire strippers, compact pliers, a wire cutter and a small selection of other tools. This makes it ideal for electricians working in tight spaces who nonetheless need a quality tool.
Still not sure?

If you're still not sure which Leatherman to choose then we'd recommend that you look carefully at the Wave as a starting point, it's our most popular tool for good reasons.

If you're looking for a lower price-point than the Wave then the Wingman, Sidekick or Rev might be more desirable. If on the other hand you want more features or something more burly then the Charge or Surge might be more suitable. Finally, if you're after something more compact the Skeletool, The Juice and Squirt Ranges offer the same high quality construction in smaller, lighter design.

For more advice please don't hesitate to contact us using the details in the footer just below and we'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.