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Grivel Haute Route Crampon
Grivel Haute Route Crampon £93.76 , Saving 25%
Ski touring crampon with Grivel's Ski-Matic binding, 740g.
Grivel Helix Ice Axe
Grivel Helix Ice Axe £48.76 , Saving 25%
Ideal for British mountain walking in the winter, 470g.
Grivel Clepsydra L
Grivel Clepsydra L £16.66 , Saving 10%
Double gated belay crab. 89g.
Grivel Crampon Safe
Grivel Crampon Safe £15.30 , Saving 10%
Tough bag for storing your crampons in.
Grivel Mega Twin gate
Grivel Mega Twin gate £12.60 , Saving 10%
Large carabiner with Grivel's double gate. 83g.
Grivel Plume Twin gate
Grivel Plume Twin gate £9.90 , Saving 10%
Lightweight carabiner with double gate, ideal for belays. 38g.
Grivel Flex Bar Long
Grivel Flex Bar Long £9.90 , Saving 10%
Long flexible mid bar fits all Grivel crampons, 190mm.
Grivel Long Leash
Grivel Long Leash £9.00 , Saving 10%
Wrist leash compatible with any Ice Axe. 50g