Gripmaster Grip Pro

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Gripmaster Grip Pro

Gripmaster Grip Pro

The Gripmaster Grip Pro is the toughest in the Gripmaster series of hand exercisers, with an amazing 5kg of tension on each finger.

The main job of the Gripmaster is to improve finger and hand strength for numerous sports but we are recommending the Pro as a great training aid for climbing. There are several exercises to follow depending whether you want to improve strength and stamina in the hands, wrists or forearms.

Not only is the Pro great for training but also it's a good aid for warming up the hands and forearms prior to climbing, whether indoors, outdoors or just a fingerboard session.

Here we have compiled a list specific climbing exercises for the Gripmaster Grip Pro Exercises

Gripmaster Grip Pro Features

  • 5kg tension on each finger spring

Customer Reviews of Gripmaster Grip Pro

from 6 Reviews

Gripmaster Grip Pro Review, Dave, 12/11/2015

Right amount of resistance for my needs. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Cant fault the product. Happy with my purchase so far.

Gripmaster Grip Pro Review, Clark, 07/01/2015

I purchased the Gripmaster Grip Pro to strengthen my fingers, hands, wrists and forearms for weight training and climbing.The fact that the finger grips are all individually sprung means that each finger is individually strengthened and the stronger fingers don't hide the progress of the weaker ones.The rubber material on the palm and finger areas is very grippy, so your fingers don't slip off the device.

I followed the climbing workout guide provided by Facewest which has been great, although my fingers ache now!

I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to strengthen grip and improve their climbing.

Gripmaster Grip Pro Review, Andrew , 10/14/2014

Review is for the Extra Heavy Tension (11lb per finger), there is another model (XX Heavy) above this one.Item is really solid and well made, should last for a long time.No annoying noises so can sit watching the tv quietly too.See the prohands website for 11 different exercises depending on which grip you want to improve.Already do kayaking, climbing and mtb but wanted to improve grip further.I find that this is good start based on the activities I already do (wouldn't have wanted to go to a lower strength).Good that each finger can be exercised individually as you know it's being worked rather than the rest of the grip compensating.

Gripmaster Grip Pro Review, Mark Bagnall, 06/16/2012

I have tried a few different types of 'gadgets' to help improve my grip and forearm strength. This is by far the best one I have had. After a short time it suddenly becomes much harder to do, forcing you to put all of your effort into it. After a month of regular use when I went on my next climb I could definitely feel the difference. Highly recommended!

Gripmaster Grip Pro Review, Chris Lamb, 12/06/2011

Much better than the 'medium' one which is also available.I'm not that strong but I 'd say this one is the one that works most fingers well.I mainly use it to train my fingers for good strong mountain bike braking!

Gripmaster Grip Pro Review, Nick, 10/21/2010

I ordered this on the Tuesday and had it in my hands pumping away by Friday afternoon although I've only had it for 2 weeks and I've already noticed a difference in my forearm size and my grip strength.

It's really great because you can workout each individual finger, there is even an exercise to specifically isolate the triceps and another for the wrist.I'd recommend visiting the Prohands home page, as it gives a detailed list of possible exercises specific to your individual needs, e.g. rock climbing, marksman etc and the website also provides a wider range of pro hands equipment for individuals at varying degrees of development.Overall a great tool for development of grip and forearm.

Facewest comment, for a complete set of Gripmaster Gripmaster climbing exercises.

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