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G3 Alpinist Plus Universal
    G3 Alpinist Plus Universal
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    The G3 Alpinist Plus is a lightweight synthetic climbing skin with an innovative plastic top. The Hybrid Tip Connector, which incorporates the plastic top has shaped scales (hence the name) moulded into it, these are designed for maximum efficiency for breaking trail in deep snow and for the best grip, including laterally when in the skin track. It's also shaped to prevent snow creeping between the ski and the skin. The rear of the skin has a long taper for efficiency.

    G3 suggest that when packing the Alpinist you roll it around the stiff material of the Hybrid Tip Connector to make it easy to slide into your pack. The Hybrid Tip Connector should attach easily and reliably to any ski tip whilst the tail connector has a long adjustment length and will clip to the tail of any flat ended skis, even those with a small rear rocker. If you have twin tips then you'll need the G3 Twin Tip Connector.

    The Alpinist Plus Skins are easy to trim with the included trimming tool which is able to cut through the plastic of the Hybrid Tip Connector and the skin. The trimming tool is set to trim the skin the correct distance from the ski edge so the process is as simple as sticking the skin to the skis and trimming against the edges - see video below.

    As a purely synthetic skin the Alpinist Plus is highly durable and though it doesn't use mohair the innovative design should put it on an equal footing in terms of grip and efficiency with its mix competitors.

    G3 Alpinist Plus Features

    • Synthetic materials
    • Hybrid Tip Connector
    • Long rear taper
    • Adjustable tail length
    • Easy to trim
    312g / 332g

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