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Fritschi Vipec / Tecton Ski Leash
    Fritschi Vipec / Tecton Ski Leash
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    The Vipec / Tecton Ski Leash allows you to remove the brakes from these bindings and swap over to using leashes instead. Using leashes is the better option when touring on glaciers where brakes are of little use. The leashes come with a loop of cable which needs to be installed under the toe piece. The leash can then be larks footed into this loop and your skis can then be attached to the boot via the small carabiner. Also included in the kit there is a heel piece to slot into the section where the brakes have been removed.

    In the case of a fall the skis will become detached from the binding but remain attached to your boot via the sprung cable. As with all leashes high speed accidents are more dangerous than when brakes are used instead.

    Please note: The cable loop needs to be installed under the toe piece of the binding. If your bindings are already mounted this means removing the front screws to insert the loop. If your bindings are not yet mounted then ask whoever is mounting them to install the cable loop when they do.

    Customer Reviews of Fritschi Vipec / Tecton Ski Leash

    Fritschi Vipec / Tecton Ski Leash Review
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    This is an alternative to a ski brake and includes a plastic heal step to be screwed to the rear binding in place of the ski brake. (Of course, you could have a brake as well and discard this heal step). The front attachment includes a loop of wire that goes under the front binding - so you have to attach this when mounting the bindings. You can't really retrofit. The wire loops for attaching the leash to the front binding are rather stiff and somewhat difficult to assemble.

    My reason for purchase is that the Vipec toe piece can release in uphill mode if you fall forward when skinning. You are then in danger of loosing the ski as the brakes will be locked up. In addition the rear brakes on the Vipec can get stuck up when changing from walk to ski mode - at least on my 2nd gen Vipecs. Again, a danger of loosing a ski during transition. This leash does the job of extra protection, though some may prefer a home-brew solution.

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