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DMM Halfnuts Set 1 to 11
    DMM Halfnuts Set 1 to 11
    Purchase DMM Halfnuts Set 1 to 11


    DMM Halfnuts are a lightweight protection option for when things get weird and thin. Their unique offset shape means that the half nuts excel in shallow placements. The single strand wire not only keeps the weight down but also helps the Halfnuts sit in shallow placement. The wire is also recessed into the top of the nut to further help in shallow placements.

    Each Half is colour coded, these colours are not random and are used throughout the DMM range of protection with similar sized protection having the same colour allowing for quick and easy identification.

    DMM Halfnut Features

    • 11 colour coded sizes
    • Placement cover 6.7mm to 24.5mm
    • Anodised for corrosion resistance

    Size Colour Strength Weight
    1 Purple 4kN 10g
    2 Green 4kN 10g
    3 Silver 6kN 15g
    4 Gold 6kN 16g
    5 Blue 6kN 18g
    6 Red 6kN 21g
    7 Grey 6kN 22g
    8 Turquoise 7kN 25g
    9 Gold 7kN 28g
    10 Silver 9kN 39g
    11 Green 9kN 46g

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