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Black Diamond Spinner Leash
    Black Diamond Spinner Leash
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    The Black Diamond Spinner Leash is an elasticated Y-section leash with a swivel, that keeps your ice axes tethered to you without tangles. With the Spinner Leash you can climb leashless safe in the knowledge that cannot loose your axes.

    The Spinner Leash can be larks footed through the belay loop of your harness and then can be attached by small snap link carabiners (included) to either the bottom or the top of your ice axes depending on circumstances. As the leashes are elasticated they do not loop down when climbing, so you do not catch them on your crampons, and they extend without hindrance when at full reach. The swivel freely spins, so when you swap hands on your ice tools the leash stays tangle free.

    Note: The Spinner Leash is not rated to hold a fall on to your tools and should not be used in this way.

    Black Diamond Spinner Leash Features

    • Proprietary elastic webbing stretches for maximum reach and absorbs less water than nylon
    • Steel mini-clip attaches to the tool spike or head
    • Built-in swivel ensures tangle-free use

    Customer Reviews of Black Diamond Spinner Leash

    Black Diamond Spinner Leash Review
    Verified Buyer
    Sutton Coldfield

    My spinner leash has come in really handy and saved my axe on at least one occasion in the French Alps. It generally untangles itself but can get caught up in the rope depending on if you are leading or seconding. Also you will have to move the clip from the top of your axe to the bottom depending on the type of ground you are moving over. This can be annoying at times but I don't there is any real solution to this. Just be ready to swap back to the low clip point on your axe as you approach your next pitch of steeper rock/ice/mixed.

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