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Black Diamond Big Air Pilot Package
    Black Diamond Big Air Pilot Package
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    The Black Diamond Big Air Pilot Package combines the added security of an ATC Pilot belay device with the versatile Rocklock Carabiner.

    The ATC Pilot is a mechanical autolocking belay device suitable for use with single ropes from 8.7 to 10.5mm and is a lighter alternative to a Gri Gri. It combines the performance of a full autolocker with the low weight and simplicity of a traditional belay plate. It allows the rope to be paid out smoothly whilst adding an extra level of security by automatically locking off the rope if the climber should fall. In order to avoid moving parts, the ATC Pilot uses the belay carabiner as the cam which locks the rope in the event of a fall.

    The Black Diamond RockLock Screwgate Carabiner is a large HMS carabiner that is suited for use at belay stations where multiple ropes may need to be clove hitched to it, or for belaying. This also makes it a great carabiner for use in rope access work where multiple ropes are being used. The spine of the carabiner is slightly wider for improved handling. Now hot forged for a lighter construction without compromising durability.

    Black Diamond ATC Pilot Features

    • Suitable for 8.7 - 10.5mm single ropes
    • Belay technique identical to classic belay system
    • Assisted braking device
    • Smooth rope payout
    • Controlled lowering
    • Steel construction
    • Ergonomic, non-slip surface

    Black Diamond Rocklock Features

    • Hot forged
    • Square hinge end holds belay loop securely in place
    • Slightly curved spine maximizes gate opening
    • Keylock nose prevents snagging
    • One-hand operable

    24kN 8kN 8kN 24mm 85g

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