Black Diamond Alpine Bod Harness


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Black Diamond Alpine Bod Harness

Black Diamond Alpine Bod Harness

Designed to fit over several layers and built with 4 gear loops for easy racking, the Alpine Bod is a solid choice for any climber or alpinist seeking lightweight, simple, no frills gear.

The leg loops can be unbuckled to make one giant loop so putting the harness on is easy even wearing ski boots. The two plastic buckles hold the leg loops in place and when tying in the rope must go round the waist belt and leg loop cross piece. Wide webbing spreads the load and makes it as comfortable as a lightweight harness can be.

The Alpine Bod is an ideal choice for lightweight mountaineering, glacier travel and ski touring.

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Customer Reviews of Black Diamond Alpine Bod Harness

from 7 Reviews

Black Diamond Alpine Bod Harness Review, Chris, 07/12/2016

For its intended purpose it's a great harness. I have another Black Diamond harness for general rock climbing but bought this for mountaineering in the Mont Blanc massif. I also have a DMM Centre Alpine as a spare harness for friends to have a go at top roping etc. which I was going to use as a mountaineering harness but for the lack of gear loops. The Alpine Bod is very easy to put on without having to get it over bulky boots and/or crampons (useful too if you want to remove over-trousers) but you do need to buy an oval screw gate carabiner if you don't already have a spare.

Black Diamond Alpine Bod Harness Review, Stephen , 02/27/2015

Bought for mountain rescue work (where basically I have to carry it a lot and use it infrequently) it works well, although I did end up swapping it for the slightly heavier 'bod' harness which includes a bit of fleece padding and more importantly the belay loop. Critically it is easy to put on (even over crampons), is comfortable enough (though not brilliant) and simple. Gear racks are fine for the fairly minimal stuff I need to clip in. I wouldn't particularly want to lead extreme rock climbs using it but that is not what it is designed to do. Simple and light which is what I want.

Black Diamond Alpine Bod Harness Review, Richard Sharp, 06/23/2012

As an outdoors newbie I was just looking for something that would afford me a bit of confidence and reassurance while crossing tricky scrambles and ridges that would be safest tackled by roping up. The BD Alpine Bod fits the bill nicely being simple in design, light enough to carry just in case without making you wonder if it's up to the job, and without it costing the earth either.It's pretty basic in design with comfort taking second place to functionality and while some may complain about the lack of a belay loop that's easily resolved by the addition of a large carabiner.The buckles on the legs means the Bod can be donned by wrapping around the body rather then stepping through it. This means that it can be kept off the ground and not get ingrained with damaging dirt. It also eliminates the potential risk of damaging the harness by stepping into it while wearing crampons.

To cap it all it comes with its own mesh stuff sack and it's made by a highly reputable manufacturer, Black Diamond.It's hard to fault this bit of kit - if you're going to be doing protracted, full on accents or descents then you may want to invest a bit more money in something that'll offer a bit more comfort, but for just roping up and maybe even the occasional rappel the Bod is just the thing.

Black Diamond Alpine Bod Harness Review, Alan MacQuarrie, 03/24/2012

I reckon the previous reviewers have summed up this harness well - there's nothing anyone has said that I'd disagree with.The harness is dead simple and really easy to get on and off but the lack of a belay loop is annoying.On me, the tail of the waist loop is quite long but not long enough to tuck in to the pocket on the harness it's supposed to go in to and gets in the way.

That said, it's cheaper than it's rivals and you get what you pay for - you can get a lighter harness, a belay loop etc. but you'll pay more for it.

Black Diamond Alpine Bod Harness Review, Kastytis, 01/16/2012

Purchased this harness for mountaineering due to small weight and size. This harness is minimalistic and price is very good (compared to others), but you don't have many comfort if hanging all day. Also can attach other equipment required for climbing. But I liked this product, it's much more comfortable than self made harness from ropes. Recommended for those who cares abut small size, weight, price (and don't care about comfort).

Black Diamond Alpine Bod Harness Review, steve b, 05/28/2011

As a beginner I wanted a well priced, easy to use and light harness and my Bod purchase has delivered just that; for occasional use it's just the job and the adjustable leg loops help make the harness feel ok in use although I'm sure you could pay more and get better comfort. The no frills design delivers a light and fast harness that has provided confidence in use - happy with my purchase and more than happy with the service I have received from Facewest (top marks).

Black Diamond Alpine Bod Harness Review, Andy Dines, 02/05/2010

I've been using these harnesses for about 15 years, during which time they have remained exactly the same. That is because they are as simple as it gets - a few bits of webbing, a few buckles and 4 gear loops.

This is not what you want when you have hanging belays or multiple raps or need to have more gear on the loops but for easy alpinism and ski-touring it is an ideal choice.

You will save a little bit of weight (maybe 100g) and when the harness goes in the pack it is very compact, as it is mainly just webbing.

It can easily be taken on and off with both feet on the ground without removing boots due to the clips on the leg loops. I pity the fool I see hopping around on one leg, harness caught on crampons as he tries to get harnessed up while he balances in some precarious spot.

I am also a fan of the buckle that Black Diamond use. It is fairly big and can be done/un-done easily with cold hands and even with light-weight gloves still on.

The harness is inexpensive and easily adjustable for different clothing systems.

Only minor downside is lack of a belay loop.

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