Beal Assure Max Gloves


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Beal Assure Max Gloves

Beal Assure Max Gloves

The Beal Assure Max Gloves are designed for the most demanding rope work around. They are constructed from a single, durable layer of leather making them ideal for big-wall hauling, aid climbing, long abseils and keeping you safe from frayed wires on via ferrata.

The full finger design of the Assure Max Provides maximum protection from rope burn and frayed cables without restricting dexterity. The simple construction ensures that these gloves are lightweight, low bulk and comfortable - not an essential but they make a whole range of mountaineering tasks a lot more comfortable.

Customer Reviews of Beal Assure Max Gloves

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Beal Assure Max Gloves Review, Bruce, 08/23/2018

I bought these on sale as a knockabout pair of gloves to throw in the pack and for use in emergencies.They are sold as belaying gloves, and the leather feels robust enough - no pretence of a cosy soft feel, that is not the point.I feel they could fit better even though that is not really the point.The fingers are a bit long but perhaps will ride up when they have been worn in.Very good value.Swift shipping as usual.

Beal Assure Max Gloves Review, Simon, 06/08/2015

Great scrambling / rope work glove. Thin enough for placing large gear, tying knots and scrambling. Not thick enough for winter but will probably take a thin liner glove.

Very prompt delivery and accurate description.

Beal Assure Max Gloves Review, Gillian, 05/11/2015

Excellent hard wearing gloves

Beal Assure Max Gloves Review, Magic, 05/04/2015

I was actually looking for a low profile scrambling gloves. Normally so-called 'mountain gloves' are made of full grain leather and are very resistant to wear and tear and rocks. But they are a bit too bulky, especially for warmer months.

The Beal Assure Max gloves are designed to work with ropes but they also do excellent job when scrambling. Close palm fit, short cuff without extra closures such as velcro strap make them lightweight and generic with superb leathery grip on the rock. When your hands get sweaty they will hug your fingers like second skin. The leather is naturally waterproof to some degree and easy to care for. After a while you may also want to weatherproof them for a typical Scottish scramble. :)

Great stuff that protects your hands and doesn't take any space in your pack. And you can still use them with ropes :)

Beal Assure Max Gloves Review, Gary , 10/12/2014

I bought these gloves for horse riding after reading the other reviews and I'm delighted with them. The leather is soft and supple and thin enough to feel the reins and, as always, great service from Facewest.

Beal Assure Max Gloves Review, Mark Schofield, 03/17/2013

I use these for ski touring (for skinning up, but not for skiing down). Granted they don't provide much insulation and are best for spring tours however a thin silk liner glove combined with these and I was OK even in -10 degrees recently. Great feel so putting skins on/taking them off is a doddle. Love these gloves, and they look better and get more comfortable the older they get!

Beal Assure Max Gloves Review, Darren Martin, 05/03/2012

I'm reviewing these a few months after purchase so have had a chance to use these in a variety of situations.

These are superb gloves provided you are aware of their intended use which is protection rather than out and out warmth. Winter gloves these are not, but in cool conditions they are fine.

However, if you're looking for comfortable protection, or are working hard (I sometimes wear these on the road bike) then they are ace.

The leather is unlined and very soft - straight out of the box they feel like old well worn in friends. I went for a slightly smaller size - I normally wear 8/8.5 gloves and got the mediums. Once worn a few times they have moulded themselves to my hands and fit like a, well, glove. Like a second skin. Feeling/dexterity is the best of any glove I've tried - hence they allow me to work the small button controls on my DSLR perfectly well.

As to protection, I must admit I haven't tried these with ropes (although I have used the also excellent if slightly bulkier/thicker Petzl Cordex on via ferratas) but have used them working with paving slabs and the like. Durability so far seems good although not perhaps the same as the Petzl gloves which are double layered (as opposed to single on the Beal) and a thicker/tougher goat skin. However they are warmer (no mesh back) and the dexterity/comfort is in a league of its own. Whatever the leather has been treated with means it handles wet weather well - it does soak up water like a sponge (again - not a winter glove) - but the leather remains soft when it dries out whereas the Petzl gloves tend to dry rock hard and have had to be treated with leather cream to keep them usable.

All in all an excellent piece of kit with a wide variety of uses. So good in fact that after a few months of use I came straight back on here and bought another pair to keep in reserve.

Beal Assure Max Gloves Review, Alan Bird, 02/21/2011

I got these for warmer ski touring and general mountain use. Great leather, very tough and easy to wear. Lots of feeling through the gloves retained. I could probably have got away with a size smaller. These are quite cool (as in cold!) to wear and don't provide much warmth. Fine for me as that's how I like them for touring, but there are others out there with small liners if that's what you are after.

Beal Assure Max Gloves Review, Alice Turner, 09/09/2010

Got these for taking clients scrambling. They have good grip in the wet and protect the skin on my hands. They're dexterous enough that I feel confident climbing in them (on scrambling terrain), and can tie/untie knots, place gear, do up karabiners etc. This means I can put them on at the start of the day and just leave them on until we un-rope. I don't know yet about durability: have only worn them a few days and there is moderate wear on some fingertips. Fit is pretty snug for thin fingers (I have size S), and obviously, since they are just unlined leather, they don't provide much warmth. If you wanted some insulation you would need to buy a bigger size so that they would take a liner.

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