Beal Accessory Cord


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Beal Accessory Cord

Beal Accessory Cord

Beal Accessory cord is a strong Nylon cord that has multiple uses. Though these are primarily climbing and mountaineering the uses are limitless, from being used to form a bivi through to a washing line.

The quantity is the number of metres, so for instance if you want 6 metres change the quantity to 6.

Diameter Braking Strain Weight Uses
2mm 70kg 2.4g/m Washing line, attaching equipment
3mm 180kg 6.5g/m General use
4mm 340kg 11g/m Thin threads, General use
5mm 580kg 19.5g/m Tied into slings, Abseil stations, Threads
6mm 750kg 23g/m Prussic loops, slings, Threads
7mm 1170kg 31g/m Ideal for prussics, slings, threads

Climbing cord should never be used as a climbing rope.

Customer Reviews of Beal Accessory Cord

from 29 Reviews

Beal Accessory Cord Review, James, 01/05/2016

I bought 2 sizes of cord for different uses. I bought the 3mm cord for strapping gear to my touring pack and for general use. I bought the 6mm for making abseil stations, Prussics etc. great quality, lightweight product.

Beal Accessory Cord Review, Lars, 07/21/2015
I know, it's just some cord. But it's good quality and some extra meters of it won't cost much. And there will always be use of it -to mend, to replace, to improve. Or when you need i line for your wet stuff.

Beal Accessory Cord Review, Vicky, 06/09/2015

This cord appears to be very hard-wearing and durable. Good all-purpose cord for a variety of outdoor activity uses. Great to have in a repair kit.

Beal Accessory Cord Review, Chris, 06/06/2015

A great quality cord for numerous applications, light weight and quick drying. Carry in your backpack just in case you need to repair gear, strap kit, dry clothes, fix handles, use as emergency boatlaces, the list is endless. A must have for any adventure.

Beal Accessory Cord Review, Declan , 03/04/2015

I bought this 2mm cord to replace much thicker cord I had used previously to hold secure a range of items. The thicker cord had proved too inflexible and so I wanted something that was less bulky both in tying it to me or my rucksack. The thinner cord did just the trick. Unlike most compass cords, I have found the Beal cord does not snag on the zip in my hardshell jacket pockets, which means it will last longer and keep my compass and torch far more secure.Well worth the buy.

Beal Accessory Cord Review, Ross , 09/01/2014

This is great general purpose cord. It is nice to work with easy to tie knots with. I used the 4mm cord to replace the guy ropes on an old hike tent to great success.

Beal Accessory Cord Review, chris , 08/01/2014

Excellent all rounder. I bought 2mm and 6mm cord for all the various outdoor needs. Usual tarp erection, guy lines, bag attachments etc. Very handy and definitely up to the task. A good zip attachment for finding pockets with gloves on or in poor weather. I thought the 2mm would be a bit 'weak', but it has proved almost perfect for everything and leaving the 6mm almost redundant. I have used most of it 'rescuing' friends and other club members with broken belts and laces! An absolute must for the regular or serious outdoor enthusiast. Well recommended.

Beal Accessory Cord Review, Jonas , 06/18/2014

I am a beginner in outdoors rock climbing and I bought this in order to do safe rappels. A french prusik was recommended to me and 2 meters is more than enough for this task. Was even delivered 2,6 meters so I could do two slings! :)

I have done one rappel and it worked perfectly. The cord is easy to use and looks like it could last a long time. Thanks!

Beal Accessory Cord Review, Alfonso , 06/11/2014

I have purchased 3 meters of 6 mm Beal cord mainly to be used as a prusik loop on glacier walking, climbing and for a eventual self-rescue.

By now, for the same thing, I was using a 7 mm cord. I am sure that with my new 6mm I am going to save a little bit of weight, which is very important in climbing.

I am sure that with this new cord the prusik will work better since there will be a bigger difference between the main cord (8mm) and the prusik-loop-cord (6mm).

Although is recommended for light-abseil-tat, I still prefer 7mm cord (security is essential!!)

Facewest is always great; and speciallyfree postage for this small purchases.

Beal Accessory Cord Review, Harry , 06/03/2014

This cord is great value for the money.

I recently purchased the 2mm cord to use when camping, for guylines, washing lines, lanyards etc, and I can't fault it yet. The cord is a great bright red colour, which makes finding it easy, and it easily visible around camp. The cord has a great sheath finish to it, compared with other more expensive cords ( the mammut cord for example is very stiff in comparison).Can't fault the length that was sent to me, spot on there.

I can see this cord being extremely useful around camp, but cannot see any practical uses in the climbing environment.

Once again, brilliant service from Facewest, you guys are great !

Beal Accessory Cord Review, David , 05/04/2014

Very good price for what is a good quality outdoor essential!There is cheaper cord out there but you just have to think about the recent VW advert...

My most recent purchase was a length of 6mm cord to make an extra long prusik.It handles well after a bit of use, wears well and mine came in a nice bright colour so it's a bit harder to lose.It comes in whatever length you specify (generous cut) with the ends hot cut so there's no fraying.

Plenty of uses for the other diameters of cord including keeping your car keys safe around you neck...much cheaper than a dispatch rider to bring the spare set to The Lakes!

Beal Accessory Cord Review, Zack, 02/09/2014

The free postage from Facewest makes it >the< place to get accessory cord, especially given its such a cheap item.I use 2mm cord on my nutkey and knife, 4mm cord as drawcords on my rucksack (inspiration from Crux rucksacks), 5mm cord as prussic loops / as a chalk bag belt, and I also carry a length of 6mm cord as ab tat.Other reviews have mentioned that it cuts really cleanly with a hot knife, which is true, but the first time I tried to cut it on the hill, using a lighter, I failed miserably – make sure your knife is hot!

Beal Accessory Cord Review, Pablo, 08/26/2013
This utility cord is ideal for stringing up tarps or replacing broken guy lines on tents, I got the 2mm one that is more than enough for my desire use: make a few loops in the hooks of my tarps for making it easier to fix it in place every time I set it up.The quality of this cord is superb, and it seems to be made to last, which is what I demand to all my camping gear.If you need a new cord for your tent or tarp stop looking around and get this one right now.

Beal Accessory Cord Review, John Caulfield, 07/09/2013

Great quality cord that can be use for almost unlimited applications. I always have a supply of 2mm cord and take it with me on every trip as it is extremely lightweight. Really handy for washing lines, spare guy ropes, lashing gear to packs, even emergency boot laces. Impressive breaking strain for such thin cord (70kg). You can't go wrong at the price and the cord comes supplied with melted ends to prevent fraying. Newly cut ends can be melted with a lighter in the field.

Beal Accessory Cord Review, David Burgess, 02/23/2013

I bought four metres of 6mm cord which is perfect for making two prusik loops with some spare left over. Easy to tie a double fishermans knot with - feels safe and works well.

It is very good quality cord and cut really nicely (used a knife and then heated the ends) and mine came in a nice purple colour.

It's cheaper than I've seen in most places and the free postage is ideal especially as its not a very expensive item.

Beal Accessory Cord Review, John Clarke, 02/05/2013

I must start off by saying that I love this Beal Accessory Cord. The funky purple color is very nice. I bought the cord for guy line for a poncho /tarp set up it is very light and very strong with a breaking strain of 70lbs for the 2mm line. I used a hot knife to cut it into the various lengths for the poncho tarp. It cuts very cleanly when using a hot knife no fraying at all. It is a very well finished top quality product that I will be using in the future thanks to Facewest. I have used other brands of cord and there is a big difference in quality this is ahead of the game and its very pleasing to the eye with its distinctive pattern. Facewest free delivery was quite fast as well I must say just two days after posting.

Beal Accessory Cord Review, Hans Blom, 12/22/2012

Arrived, finally. Now I can produce my wanted Prusik Loops.Really enjoy shopping at your site. Quality products at a outstanding price compared to what I can find in Sweden. No shipping of course is the topping of the cake.

Now I have enough Beal Accessory Cord to make safe and long-lasting Loops both for Prusiks and for securing myself to the ascender.They are also rather lightweight so they won't add to much to the total carrying-around.

No negatives found so far - until I fall down :-)They were very easy to loop using a double Fisherman's Knot.I'll be back.

Beal Accessory Cord Review, Sarah, 10/30/2012

I bought 4m of the 2mm Beal cord recently with an order and it's turned out to be really handy! I've used it to replace the ridgeline in my hammock and also replace the zip pulls so they're a lot easier to see. The red colour of the 2mm is nice an vibrant and the cord is really strong and looks like it should last a long time. It's proved to be a great way to add a splash of colour to my hammock. Once it comes time to replace my guylines, I'll be going for some Beal. Excellent cord at a great price.

Beal Accessory Cord Review, C Kilburn, 10/18/2012

I purchased this Beal 4mm accessory cord to hang my pull up bar from. It was delivered quickly and had been nicely sealed at both ends when cut from the reel. I had no difficulty sealing it myself either when cutting it down to the required length. It seems a match in terms of quality for the other brand alongside which it is being used, and a good price from Facewest: Very happy with the product and service.

Beal Accessory Cord Review, Charles, 10/13/2012

I've been using the 2mm cord for many trips, and it still looks good as new. I use it for pitching a rainfly, and as a washing line/gear suspension for underneath the fly. It's worked very well, and it's the kind of cord that you can tie knots with very easily, and not worry about being able to untie them once you're done.

I consider it very lightweight for it's strength, and when it gets wet it seems to dry much quicker than paracord.

Beal Accessory Cord Review, Rich Masson, 09/02/2012

I've purchased this in various widths for falconry uses, mostly leashes and lure lines. It's perfect for several reasons: The knots hold well; it's easy to clean; it's easy to melt the ends to stay safe and tidy; high breaking tolerances make it very safe; it doesn't get tangled; it's difficult for the birds to pick at; it withstands the weather; it's lightweight. So it has everything I need and is very affordable. Thanks for the good service and quick delivery, too.

Beal Accessory Cord Review, Zane, 07/06/2012

I purchased several different sizes of this cord and it's great. I've used the 2mm as a tether for my GoPro, 4mm for lashing stuff to the top of my rucksack, 6mm for prusiks of which I've several in different lengths. I also have a 7m length of 6mm for anything. It's coils up into a neat bundle, so it sits neatly on the back of my rack and is ready to use. Plus it only weights 23g/mtr so I'm quite happy to take it along.

I found the information on the Facewest site excellent and as usual the service and delivery was excellent.

Beal Accessory Cord Review, Andrew, 05/12/2012

Ordered 20m of 2mm cord, with two main uses in mind. 1 10m length for keeping in the top of my pack when mountaineering to use for anything really - replacement guy lines, bootlaces, etc.

The extra length has been used for various things including a belt for my chalkbag, and tethering my GoPro to helmets and other things, which it does well as it is thin enough to tie onto the GoPro, but strong at the same time. At the price it's an excellent investment as it could easily get you out of a sticky situation!

Beal Accessory Cord Review, Grant Baker, 02/14/2012
Great cord, perfect for prusik loop!

Beal Accessory Cord Review, joe white, 06/13/2011

I purchased the 6mm accessory chord to make prussic loops like everyone else. Got it for self rescue while ski touring.

Never had to rescue myself or friends but practice with it, I also found it holds well.

I did order it cut to length but they made a mistake and didn't, but told me how to do it and its very easy with a sharp knife and a lighter/

Beal Accessory Cord Review, Stephen Viney, 04/02/2011

I purchased the 6mm cord after having to abandon a sling on an emergency abseil off a route. Made into a long loop and stashed in the rucksack along with a mallion ready for the next emergency.

A perfect choice, lightweight and inexpensive

Beal Accessory Cord Review, Nick, 10/08/2010

I bought 2 x 2m lengths of 6 mm for prussiks, it grips the rope well, and keeps in the knot I tied it to make a loop. A recommendation would be to be able to ask for it cut to specific lengths, as I don't have the equipment or know how to cut the excess off and I feel it's a waste to do so.

Beal Accessory Cord Review, john clarke, 02/14/2010

Fantastic cord, I used mine with a Snugpak poncho to attach it to the trees as an emergency shelterI can say it worked a dream I would highly recommended it

Beal Accessory Cord Review, Alec Thomas, 11/02/2009
I purchased the 6mm accessory chord to make some prussics. I purchased 6m to make a variety of sizes and found it easy to cut to size and finish the ends to prevent fraying.
It is easy to tie and has not slipped at all after my initial fisherman's was tied. I have used it a number of times and it suits my requirements, gripping the rope when I have tested it and being easy to hold loose to allow the abseil.
I would recommend it as a purchase for anyone abseiling and at this price it is a must have safety item.

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