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Arva Ultra
    Arva Ultra
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    The Arva Ultra is a super lightweight shovel with an aluminium blade and a superlight carbon shaft, designed for skimo racing. The shaft length is 47cm, long enough to affect a reasonable rescue whilst keeping the weight to a minimum. The blade/scoop is just 21cm x 21cm so an efficient shovelling technique is vital if you're going out with this shovel, the blade is shaped to make cutting through hard snow easier. The advantage of such a small blade is obvious - it takes up hardly any pack space and weighs next to nothing!

    This shovel is designed for racing and meets the ISMF and PDG race specifications. Its small and light size does mean that it is not the best tool to effect a rescue and for recreational ski touring we would recommend something more substantial.

    Arva Ultra Features

    • 47cm carbon shaft
    • 21cm x 21cm anodized aluminium scoop

    Customer Reviews of Arva Ultra

    Arva Ultra Review
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    I work in the outdoors and have climbed skied extensively for 30 years Superlight & easily packable. Used last week to dig a snow hole on Cairngorm. Sharp metal blade cuts through hardback well. As long as you realise it's a lightweight tool and not for heavy duty usage its brilliant. Because it's so light you don't mind carrying it. 8 out of 10 due to price only.

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