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Lightweight Stove Systems Comparison

There’s a whole range of lightweight, fuel efficient stove systems on the market now. It can be pretty hard to choose, so we’ve compared four of the best. Here’s a video comparing the outdoor ‘real life’ performance of the Optimus Electra FE, Jetboil Sol Titanium, MSR Reactor and Primus Eta Lite.

2 Responses to “Lightweight Stove Systems Comparison”

  1. Phil Says:

    These are all fine if you want to use gas and boil water really fast. However, compare the weight of even the Sol Ti at 334g+200g for gas canister, with Caldera Keg at 77g + for fuel, and the choice for the lightweight camper is clear. Depends what’s important, speed or weight.

  2. Stuart - Facewest Says:

    Yes a really light set up and I have seen a few home made versions of this system. As you say, great if lightweight is your only goal.

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