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Pieps DSP Pro

Best For

Experienced users looking for advanced features.

The Pieps DSP Pro (Digital Signal Processor) is a 100% digital, 3 antenna avalanche transceiver with a full range of digital processing features.

The Pieps DSP Pro transceiver is an advanced digital model which uses signal masking and multiple burial indication. As such it is more suited to those with previous transceiver experience, mountain safety professionals and those who will practise. It may be confusing to the first time user.

Standard search

When the Pieps DSP Pro detects a signal it gives the approximate distance to the victim and the direction in which the searcher needs to turn. By following this constantly updating information a buried person can be located. In this respect the DSP Pro is very similar to other digital transceivers, but has a greater range of around 60m which is circular in shape rather than elliptical. See the video for a simple demo.

Digital Signal Processing.

The Pieps DSP Pro has more advanced features for multiple burial situations. The DSP Pro displays an icon for each different signal received (1, 2, 3 and 3+). It will lock onto the strongest signal and guide you to that victim. You can then mark the signal and the DSP Pro will ignore it and allow you to move onto searching for the next victim, leaving others to dig up the person you have already found.

Scan Function

The DSP Pro also has a scan function which will tell you how many signals it receives at various distances, e.g. the number of victims within 5 meters, the number of victims within 20 meters and the number of victims within 50 meters. This gives the searcher a greater understanding of the overall search scenario.

Frequency Check

During the scan function the range is reduced and the frequency window widened to accommodate old drifted beacons which may be outside the standard frequency window. If any are detected then the DSP Pro stays in this mode. You can also use the scan function to test the transmitting frequency of other transceivers during your daily checks.

Other Features

  • Auto Antenna Switch - If the DSP Pro detects any devices e.g. mobile phone which are interfering with your transceiver it will switch transmitting antenna to reduce this where possible.
  • iPROBE Support - As well as functioning with the Pieps iPROBE, the iPROBE support software will also change your transmission timing to reduce signal overlap in a multiple burial situation.
  • TX600 Support for Pieps Dog Collars
  • Auto switch from search to send function with motion sensor
  • Digital inclinometer
  • Updatable Firmware

About You

It should be remembered that the extra digital features found on the DSP Pro are valuable extra tools for an experienced searcher, but they could also confuse somebody who is not familiar with their use. This beacon is not aimed at the once or twice a year user who has only had a quick practice on the basics of transceiver search.

Pieps DSP Pro Specifications

Firmware Version -
3.0 (the latest) Software Upgrade Information.
Harness -
Batteries -
3 AAA batteries. (included)
Weight -
198g including batteries
Battery Life -
Minimum 400 Hours.
Dimensions -
11.5 x 7.4 x 2.7cm

Avalanche Safety Information

Video Feature

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