Care Plus Tick Test


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Care Plus Tick Test

Care Plus Tick Test

The Care Plus Tick Test is a self testing kit for immediate use after a tick bite, hopefully this will be negative giving you piece of mind or if positive enabling you to seek immediate medical attention.

The Tick-Test indicates if the tick is infected with the Borrelia bacteria which leads to Lyme disease in humans. If the tick does test positive for the bacteria it does not necessarily indicate the person has been infected. However, medical attention should be sought quickly allowing for treatment preventing some of the most dangerous and long lasting symptoms. Lyme disease is an infectious disease that is widespread in Europe and is on the increase in the UK.

Care Plus Tick Test Method

  • Put the tick into the tube and add a few drops of the test liquid.
  • Crush the insect with the wooden stick.
  • Using the pipette remove a little of the mixture and put 2-3 drops on the test cassette.
  • Wait 20 minutes
  • A red line in the 'C' means the test was successful.
  • A red line in the 'T' is Positive indicating the tick has the Borrelia bacteria.

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