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Camp Matik
Camp Matik

Camp Matik
Handle side

Handle side

Camp Matik

The Camp Matik is a great option for sport climbing, especially where the climber is working a route and will take several falls and rest on the rope a lot. The two key features of the device are the gradual caming action and the anti-panic system.

Gradual camming action: This is where the cams on the Matik are shaped to rotate in gradually onto the rope as opposed to at a blunt angle, pinching the rope suddenly. The advantage of this is that the impact on the rope and quickdraw is considerably reduced, by up to 40%. This also results in there being more contact with the rope, a combination which reduces the impact force of the fall. The term 'Gradual' may imply that the Matik is not as quick as other similar devices, but the whole process is so quick that this time difference is so tiny it is insignificant.

Anti-Panic system: This is where the handle of the Matik becomes disengaged from the cams forcing them to to reengage with the rope, stopping the climbers descent. This occurs when the handle is opened too quickly or if it's kept too far open making the speed of the descent unmanageable. Belayers 'panic' when lowering the climber too fast and lose control with the result being to pull back hard on the handle. In other devices this would send the climber into free fall with the belayer losing control, the Matik would not allow this to happen as the device would lock.

In use the design and shape of the Matik creates a natural path for the rope, there is no need for the rope to be looped over the side of the device resulting in less wear to the rope. Another safety feature is the way in which the rope is loaded. The method involved ensures that the Matik can not be connected to the carabiner without the device being totally closed. All of this information can be seen in the video below.

Camp Matik Features

  • Gradual camming action
  • Assisted braking
  • Proprietary Anti-Panic system
  • Double hinged leaver
  • Straight rope path
  • Wide attachment hole
  • Hot forged aluminium in main body
  • Precision cast stainless steel in critical components
  • For single rope use only

Rope Diameter
Rope Diameter
Weight CE Rated UIAA Rated
8.6mm 10.2mm 276g Yes Yes

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