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Arva Axio

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Search mode

Arva Axio

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The Arva Axio is an advanced transceiver with some user configurable options. It's best for advanced users who will practise with it and want to customise settings.

Spheric Search Technology

The big selling point of the Axio is the innovative 3rd antenna which, unlike all other transceivers to date, flips out of the side of the unit enabling it to be much longer. This increases the bandwidth and gives the Axio a larger search range, this combines with technology to allow the Axio to use all 3 antennas simultaneously when searching for a more accurate search which is able to update faster.


There is a standard mark function which can be activated at either within 3m or 5m, a setting which is selectable by the user. In the case of multiple burials the Axio can simultaneously detect multiple signals and display these as a scrollable list on the screen. When the Scroll feature is enabled the user can select from a list which signal you'd like to follow, this should be used with caution and lots of practice as it could lead to victims being ignored. The Axio also has a time delay which switches it back to send mode after a selected time and a standby mode which switches it back to send mode after the selected amount of time that the motion sensor has not detected movement. The user can also activate an automatic bandwidth reduction function should interference be a problem.

The Axio also offers analogue searching and allows the user to adjust the receiver sensitivity based on the distance. It also has a 3.5mm headphone jack for use in analogue search mode. By plugging in headphones analogue mode is automatically activated.

Ease of Use

The Axio offers you the option to perform a group check when it's switched on, though this can be turned on and off in the settings. There is clickable joystick which is directional (up,down,left,right) to move between the options on the screen and a press selects the option shown. A flag is displayed in the top right corner to show the selection is available. To switch the Axio to search mode the red lever on the back right of the transceiver swings down and clicks into place, this is where the 3rd antenna is housed. It goes back into transmit mode when the lever is pushed back flush with the unit. It can also be switched back into send mode from the menu without using the red lever.

About You

The Arva Axio is pretty easy to understand and get to grips with but it does have some configuration options and advanced features which only those who are going to go out and test them and practice will get any benefit from. This is a great easy to use advanced transceiver.

The Arva Axio is software updateable and comes with a 5 year warranty.

Arva Axio Features

  • Digital and analogue
  • Simultaneous detection of multiple victims with creation of scrollable list
  • Marking function (3m or 5m) for multiple victims situations
  • Group check
  • Motion detector for automatic switch to transmit mode.
  • Dynamic interference management
  • Frequence meter
  • U-turn alarm
  • Updatable
  • Harness included
3x AAA
Battery life:
250hrs (send)
112 x 75 x 30mm

Avalanche Safety Information

Video Feature

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